SAP Specialized Trainings

Maximiliano Diego Romero


  • To increase productivity & efficiency


  • To promote empowerment 


  • To maximize return on investments


  • To promote human resources development


  • To boost profits


  • To improve people and processes integration

Who executes the service?

SAP Experts & Specialists in Business processes integration & improvements, SAP certified auditors, SAP certified trainers & learning architects, SAP change management experts.


  • Key users, power users & management skills developed, and knowledge transferred


  • Training content & documentation delivered



  • + 80% Best practices adoption guaranteed


  • Vital help during personnel recruitment, rotation, or merges


  • Generates people empowerment & develop key skills


  • Performance & efficiency guaranteed

Why is SAP training required?

SAP training helps to gain expertise in best practices & processes integration generating empowerment. 

Training is recommended during different project phases and is a key factor in all business cycles during whole company life.

Training types

Instructor guided trainings: on site, remote or hybrid options .

Self-trainings: online trainings & workshops

Supporting Trainings: on demand trainings and content generation for specific & tailored needs in any language & format required

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