SAP Change Management


How does it work? Out of the box ABAP based SAP change & transport management, automation, collaboration, mobility, reporting and audit software suite


  • Release Process automation will provide efficiency and online KPI’s about all the past, ongoing, or future changes done in SAP Solution Maps. 
  • No more manual activities or outside SAP files are required, all the process is managed online. Efficient Dashboards to use all the time to track past, ongoing, or future activities. 
  • Flexible workflow tool just to adapt it to the company release procedure, including all the levels required. 
  • Online notifications to alert pending activities or specific warnings that will help as a preventive action. 
  • Error detection logs will prevent any issue before going to PRD. (It can reduce production incidents by 60% or more). 
  • 100% online Release process with the capability to attach any related file during the entire process.
  • Rev-Trac is simple to implement, train and maintain, and it offers numerous features that SAP Solman does not offer such as:
  • Automated sequencing and dependency error checking before deploying a change.
  • Release Management workbench.
  • Mobile interface for any device that has a browser.
  • Automated Dependency Checking (PODS) to detect if an import will fail into a target system.
  • Parallel Development (OOPS) with flexibility to control by project, user, system, etc.
  • Release Management with a drag-and-drop interface for easy movement of changes between releases.
  • Dynamic Workflow Changes.

Who executes the service?

SAP Experts & Specialists in Business processes integration & improvements, SAP change management experts.

Business Impact

Efficiency, Optimized User Experience and adoption of Best Practices

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