Effective Team Development & Mentoring

MDR Consulting

How does it work? We help work teams in the digital transformation process through awareness change, a shared vision promotion focusing on task efficiency.

About the service

  • Innovation in Developing Effective Teams.
  • Agile and strategic management in IT migrations.
  • Shared Vision Builder for Change Management.
  • Tailored Programs & Solution Maps.
  • Assessment Center.


  • To make work teams highly productive, committed, and cohesive.


  • To assist in organizational structures changes, aligning processes and organizational culture to new scenarios.


  • To facilitate self-managed work teams focused on their own development. 


  • To co-design together with work teams strategies for change management.

Who executes the service?

The service is carried out by experts in Change Management, Effective Teams Development and Mentoring.


  • Work teams committed to the organization.
  • Sharing a vision focused on change processes.
  • High performance and group cohesion.
  • Teams open to just-in-time learning.

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