More than twenty-four years transforming processes around the world.

Our Mission

Synergy & Partnership with Customers for evolving and transforming their business cycles, integrating efficiently people & processes, and transferring knowledge all the time to generate empowerment and improve resources skills.

Meet the MDR team

MDR is present globally to be close to our customers and accompany them with global teams with experience and customization as differentials.

MDR Level 1 – Americas

MDR Level 2 - Europe & Asia

MDR Methodology

MDR add value with customization, specialization & global teams, where working as a team is a must.

Through the approach and using different techniques, we seek to comply with the following premises:

  • Evolutionary implementations in short cycles, starting with those that bring more value to the client.
  • Rapid generation of results, identification and periodic monitoring of key indicators. 
  • Continuous integration with process owners, demand managers and key users, with flexibility to change as a key factor. 
  • Specialized training and knowledge transfer as a vital element of success.

Our culture

Personalized and Differential Service

The synergy and added value we provide is perceived by our clients from the very beginning, which allows us to work together to achieve our objectives within a reasonable time frame.

Culture & Diversity

We are culturally diverse, inclusive, and free from prejudice.

Freedom of expression, solidarity and respect are our flag, which allows us to create a work environment where interpersonal relationships are as important as the solutions provided.